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Vidmate is free and safe for downloading videos and music. Download Vidmate app apk here.


Vidmate is an Android app that allows the users to search, view as well as download audio and video files from sites like Facebook and YouTube as well as other entertainment site. Vidmate is one of the top video downloading app available for Android. These days, in addition to serving as the source for information, the web domain is the largest source of entertainment. To millions of people across the world, watching videos and listening music tracks happens to be the primary source of entertainment. Using this android application, one can download the maximum video and audio files that enable the users to delve into the deepest of the Musical and video entertainment.

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Vidmate features

Here are the list of key features of the Vidmate app:

The app enables you to download HD video: The feature that appeals to the users the most is that it allows the users to search, watch, as well as download video file from more than 100 video websites. For instance, you can download HD quality videos from sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Yodesi, Dailymoon, Vine, Beak, Metacafe as well as several other international sites. Thus, you not only get the widest options on the Video files to download, but, you are assured to get the best quality files.

You can download as many movies as you want: If you download movies from online sources frequently, you will know that the majority of the sites observe some restrictions in this regard. On the other hand, this app will enable you to download as many movies and videos as you want. Thus, you can download full movies in unlimited count that will enable you to relish the latest films.

You will be getting films of all genres: It is obvious that your choices and taste will be different from other people. In that regard, this app is definitely the best option to opt for. It is because it allows you to find and download films from various film fraternities across the world and you are assured to get films of all genres. Thus, it will be right to say that this app acts as a one-stop source for relishing film entertainment.

You can enjoy your favorite Television shows: This app not only enable you to view movies, but, you can catch some of your favorite television shows. The best part is that as this app enable you to access these shows on 24/7 basis, you will never ever miss the latest episode of your favorite show. No matter you are on the go or at breaks in between works, you can use the app to relish your favorite film and television show. In this regard, it will be especially relevant to state that you can access the top Television channels from across the world.

Your chances to enjoy the largest portfolio of music: This app will get you access to a database that includes more than 300000 songs of all genres. Hence, no matter the type of the music you love or its language, you can enjoy the maximum musical entertainment, just with a few clicks. As it comes up from the reviews of the existing users, the quality of the musical track is in the superlative grades that gives you the sweetest listening experience. More importently, recently Vidmate updated it's in-build music player for better music finding and playing experience.

The app allows you to relish the maximum sporting actions: in addition to the Musical and video entertainment, this app will allow you to relish the sporting actions, right from your mobile device.

Cutting-edge download technology: This app include cutting-edge download features that allows the users to download multiple files at once with fast speed and pause/resumes option. As reviews by the existing users, the stability of the downloads are to the optimum standard.


You have to install Vidmate APK, because it not avilable of Google Play Store.

To enjoy all this features you must download the apk file from original Vidmate download link, what you get by clicking the above download button of this page.

You can also download any of VidMate old versions if current version is not compatible with your device.

Why should you use Vidmate?

Opting for this application, you can make your android device a comprehensive entertainment device that will enable you to enjoy unlimited music and films of all genres and in various international languages. No matter you love enjoying fashion shows, sports & games, TV shows or films or you are a movie buff, this app entertains you in the style you would love the most. In addition, the app will enable you to enjoy these shows right from the mobile devices and hence, you can keep yourself entertained, even if you are at work or you are traveling.

Online entertainment sites enable you to entertain yourself on 24/7 basis and using this app, you can delve into the deepest of the entertainment domain. An impressive part about this app is that it is backed by modern and cutting-edge technology that makes the app high-functioning and efficient. Due to the use of modern technology, you can relish the best quality audio and video files and hence, it stands assured that you will be relishing the highest entertainment and amusement. Thus, opting for this application, you are definitely taking a wiser move that will produce the sweetest outcome.

Most importantly, you can download the app, absolutely free of cost and it takes the minimum time to complete the download process. You will be impressed as the Vidmate download and installation takes just a few couple of minutes and after that, you can start enjoying your favorite Video, music, and Tv shows on an immediate basis. Thus, putting the minimum time and effort you are getting the tool that will keep you entertained and amused to the optimum extent. The ease in downloading and installing the app is one of the key feature that you can account beyond the demand of this application.

Steps to download videos using Vidmate

Vidmate comes loaded with tons of videos that are available for download to everyone and downloading such videos from vidmate is quite an easy task as it's developers had tried to make it as simple as possible.

For user convenience, we had tried to sort out the entire process in few easy steps:-

1. First of all, you just have to open the Vidmate app on your device.

2. Now browse your desired video from the list of popular and suggested videos listed on the home screen of the application.

3. If you are looking for any specific video that is not listed on the homepage then you can use the search bar located at the top of the app or you can just simply copy link from social media video post and paste the link to the search bar.

4. Search your desired clip and tap on the video title, It will then take you to that particular video page.

5. On that page you can easily find the red circular button located on right bottom corner, Just tap on that button and choose the quality or size you want to download.

6. Your download should start instantly as soon as you pick the quality of the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to download Vidmate app from Google play store?

A. Vidmate app isn’t available on the Google Play Store due to google policy. However, it is an entirely secure app. You can download and install it from here.

2. Is VidMate available for iPhone and PC?

A. The short answer is NO, but you can use it with an emulator like Bluestacks on a PC, and there is no way to use it on an iPhone.

3. Is Vidmate safe to use?

A. Yes, it's safe to use. It has faced scrutiny for potential security issues, but problems have been fixed with newer versions.

4. What are the alternatives to Vidmate?

A. SnapTube, TubeMate, VidMint, Newpipe and other alternative Android apps are available.

5. How to remove ads from Vidmate?

A. There is no way to remove ads from the app

6. How to use Vidmate to download videos?

A. Browse or Search for the video you wish to download on the app and click on the download icon, then choose the desired format and click on the ‘Download’ button to start downloading.

7. How to use Vidmate to download music?

A. Open the app, Go to the 'music' tab and browser for the music you wish to listen to or download, click on the 'download icon' icon, choose the desired format and click 'Download' to start downloading.